Zuellig Pharma is working with Chulalongkorn University to develop ChulaCov19, Southeast Asia's first COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. As part of the ChulaCov19 mRNA vaccine programme, Zuellig Pharma managed the clinical trials, which included storing and distributing the vaccines to clinical sites.

On 14 June 2021, Chulalongkorn University launched the first phase of its clinical trials with 36 participants, who were subject to strict screening processes and deemed to be in good health. The trial’s first phase was aimed at assessing the vaccine's safety, along with identifying proper doses to advance to the second phase of the trial. The trial’s second phase is expected to commence in August 2021.

"We are very grateful to Zuellig Pharma Thailand who have provided us with world-class clinical trial management as well as storage and distribution support for the ChulaCov19 mRNA vaccine programme. We hope that our home-grown mRNA vaccine can be manufactured and supplied as part of the national vaccine roll-out programme next year, if proven to be safe and efficacious," said Professor Dr. Suttipong Wacharasindhu, Director of Chulalongkorn Hospital and Dean of Chula Faculty of Medicine.

Professor Dr. Kiat Ruxrungtham, M.D., Director of the ChulaCov19 mRNA vaccine development programme, added that Zuellig Pharma supported the development of the Chula-Cov 19 vaccine with strict clinical trial procedures and handling to sustain temperatures as low as -70° from deliveries into warehouses, through to the last mile of transportation to clinical sites.

"We are proud and honoured to be part of the ChulaCov19 project, providing services that will benefit the citizens of Thailand and make healthcare more accessible. We offer the largest cold chain warehouse and delivery operation in Thailand, along with best-in-class solutions and packaging materials to ensure that vaccines can be stored according to their unique requirements," said Pucknalin Bulakul, Chief Executive of Zuellig Pharma Thailand.