Zuellig Pharma today announced the launch of eZVax, a vaccine management solution that enables governments and private clients to manage all aspects of vaccine distribution and administration. eZVax was developed in collaboration with professional services company Accenture and built with Microsoft technology. It features Zuellig Pharma's proprietary blockchain-based eZTracker solution which enables instant verification of the provenance and authenticity of vaccines and other healthcare products.

eZVax consists of four key pillars. Firstly, a data aggregation platform which optimises planning and decision making for governments, by providing a secure system for storage, management and analysis of data across the vaccine supply chain. The system enables governments to monitor vaccination progress, track vaccine movements across sites, simulate changes in demand and supply and use real-time data to make decisions on opening additional mass vaccination sites to maximise efficiency and ensure adequate and timely vaccine supply.

The second pillar is Zuellig Pharma's eZTracker solution which allows pharmaceutical companies and health authorities full visibility of box-level vaccine movements across the entire supply chain. As each vaccine must be stored and distributed at their required temperature, this full traceability provides the assurance of quality and integrity of supply. Efficient stock allocation is ensured through automated ordering and replenishments, reverse logistics and waste management.

eZTracker also enables users to verify the provenance and authenticity of vaccines, overcoming vaccine hesitancy among target groups while promoting safety-first mindsets and outcomes. At the point of care, healthcare professionals and patients can instantly check the quality of the vaccine and its authenticity by scanning a barcode on the vaccine vial. eZTracker has been in use in Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines since April 2020. As a solution which can be rapidly deployed, more countries are expected to adopt eZTracker, either as part of eZVax or as a standalone solution.

The third pillar of eZVax is the citizen services app, which supports patients' end-to-end vaccination process to improve their experience, adherence and safety. Through the app, which is available on both website and mobile, patients can keep track of their vaccination journey from registration to completion. They can schedule vaccination sessions, complete their eligibility checks and health declarations, set up vaccination reminders and access proof of vaccination. They can also report adverse events through this platform.

The fourth and last pillar is provider services or AVAX an integrated platform which facilitates efficient and timely management of citizen vaccinations. It helps healthcare professionals and vaccine teams manage vaccination site schedules and organise the schedules based on the availability of healthcare workers, automate citizen appointments, verify patient identities and track vaccine records. AVAX can also track vaccine administration progress, order and track incoming shipments.

Refer below for an infographic explaining how eZVax works.

"As more COVID-19 vaccines are approved, each having their own unique requirements, it is crucial to address the main challenges that will drive vaccination uptake. Apart from proper storage and transport, giving people the confidence to get vaccinated is vital to achieve herd immunity. Collaboration is key to address this unprecedented challenge; combining our in-market cold chain expertise and our proven blockchain solution with the resources of leading tech companies will help us support governments to overcome these issues in the communities we serve. We believe that governments will find eZVax relevant and practical in ensuring that their vaccination programmes remain secure, efficient, and responsive to situational changes," said Tom Vanmolkot, EVP Distribution and Client Services Zuellig Pharma.

Fabio Vacirca, Senior Managing Director and Market Unit Lead for Accenture's business across Australia and New Zealand, South East Asia, India, Africa and the Middle East said, "With the scale and complexity in vaccine management and distribution, our strategic collaboration with Zuellig Pharma is timely and will help achieve good outcomes for all stakeholders in Asia. We are confident that our combined experience and set of end-to-end capabilities to deliver and operate these solutions will contribute towards a smooth and efficient management of the COVID-19 vaccines."

"Microsoft is committed to working with governments and organizations in their efforts to deliver vaccines to citizens,” said Keren Priyadarshini, Regional Business Lead, Worldwide Health, Microsoft Asia. “As part of this effort, we are pleased to see Zuellig Pharma and Accenture offer a scalable and trusted cloud solution for eZVax using Microsoft technology."

eZVax is fully scalable and can be customised to suit the needs of any country/healthcare system. Clients may choose which features of eZVax to activate and can continue using existing applications with the solution through Zuellig Pharma's application programme interface (API). eZVax is also scalable in terms of the number of sites at which it can be deployed within a country. Zuellig Pharma is currently in talks with health authorities throughout Asia to implement eZVax in their countries.