1. What is the significance of International Women’s Day to you?

Being Russian by birth, International Women’s Day (IWD) is meaningful to me as it marks the day that Russian women were granted the right to vote back in 1917. Back in my home country, it is celebrated as a public holiday and has morphed into Valentine's Day blended with Mother's Day, where women get showered with flowers and gifts. Personally, IWD is a day to celebrate talented and amazing women in society.

2. What is your experience as a female leader in Zuellig Pharma?

I have been in Zuellig Pharma for close to 2 years and I truly enjoy working with great colleagues from different nationalities and backgrounds. In my role, I constantly travel across the region to the local offices where I get to meet incredible female leaders that have succeeded in making a difference to the organisation and society. Within the Procurement team, we have also established great camaraderie and a very cohesive working environment. Everyone is always willing to help and support each other, going beyond their roles to improve processes and results. We are like a big family. 58% of the team is represented by women, which is quite normal for this profession.

3. Do you have a female role model that has inspired you in your life/career?

When I first joined the organisation, I had an amazing mentor – Jessie, who was a huge support to me and helped me understand the environment and industry very quickly. She is a very inspirational and knowledgeable person, who always gives insightful and pragmatic advice. Having a mentor has been very helpful to me and in future, I hope to help develop a stronger network of mentors for the younger talent in the company.

4. Based on your own experience, what advice would you give to women considering pursuing a career in Procurement?

Never be afraid to ask! Your career is your responsibility, so seek out advice and people that can help you grow. It is always useful to look for individuals with traits you admire and want to emulate. Find a mentor that can share their experience and provide you support in both your career and life.