1. What is the significance of International Women’s Day to you?

To me, it is a day that recognises how far women have come in the fight for equal rights and opportunities. I find that celebrating International Women’s Day is also a good reminder for the younger generation to ensure that we continue building societies that promote gender equality and opportunities for everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender or culture.

2. What is your experience as a female leader in Zuellig Pharma?

I have been in Zuellig Pharma for 19 years now. What I have always appreciated about working here is that the leadership recognises hard work and talent by empowering employees to grow and learn within the organisation. Half of my executive committee is made up of talented female leaders that have helped to grow the business and built capable teams. As a team, we all work very well together with a good mix of personalities and perspectives.

3. Do you have a role model that has inspired you in your life/career?

I don’t have a role model who has inspired me. However, I have met many people who have given me support, to help me get me to where I am today. When I first started working in Zuellig Pharma, my son was diagnosed with a medical condition that required round-the-clock supervision and care. My boss at that time took the initiative to approach HR to work out a flexible work arrangement that allowed me to stay at home in the mornings to look after my son and only work in the afternoons. As a mother, I really struggled during that time and would have left my job if not for the consideration and understanding of my boss and colleagues back then. They really helped me through that difficult period. This also made me motivated to work hard and do a good job for the team.

4. Based on your own experience, what advice would you give to women considering pursuing a career in Logistics/Distribution services?

Be clear on your priorities and your beliefs! To me, it was always important to establish the right balance in my life between my work and my family. I wanted to be both a successful leader and a capable mother. Hence, I always made sure to manage my schedule carefully to enjoy family time while also completing my tasks at work as best as I could. Everyone is different, so determine what success in life means to you and do not ever feel like you should compromise on your priorities or beliefs to get to your goals.