Zuellig Pharma has acquired Singapore-based Healthtech start-up Klinify, to support the development of technology that empowers doctors to modernise their practices and simplify workflows. Klinify is a cloud-based digital medical assistant used by over 800 doctors in Malaysia to manage their clinics more efficiently.

“Utilising innovative technology can drive efficiencies to provide better access to healthcare. Klinify helps doctors deliver better care and business through the efficient digitisation of medical information,” said Maarten Kelder, SVP Strategy and Corporate Development at Zuellig Pharma.

Klinify Founder and CEO Krish Surendran shared “We are thrilled to be part of Zuellig Pharma’s broad network in Asia. The ability to integrate with their existing services allows doctors to get significantly more value out of Klinify as it will create a single portal for many of their clinic management needs”.

Zuellig Pharma is building a digital platform to connect the healthcare ecosystem in Asia. “Our goal is to use digital channels to complement our existing businesses and unite the healthcare ecosystem, leading to improved outcomes and lower cost of quality healthcare for patients in Asia,” said Benjamin Belot, Zuellig Pharma Head of Digital Investments and Partnerships.

Klinify will continue to perfect the user experience to make it the ‘must have’ platform for doctors across Asia.