The COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna will be available in Thailand from Q4, 2021.

ZP Therapeutics, a division of Zuellig Pharma, today announced an official agreement with the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) to supply and distribute five million doses of the COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna in Thailand from the fourth quarter of 2021. The two organisations will work closely with the Private Hospital Association (PHA) to expand access to alternative vaccines and secure supplies beyond the initial purchase, so as to accelerate the country’s COVID-19 vaccination programme and overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Withoon Danwiboon, Managing Director, Government Pharmaceutical Organization, said, "The Government Pharmaceutical Organization is committed to supporting Thailand’s procurement of COVID-19 vaccines through both government and private channels. We play a key role in providing more vaccine options under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to combat the ongoing pandemic. We will coordinate with the government, the Private Hospital Association, and ZP Therapeutics to secure the supply of the COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna into 2022."

Ms. Sunaiyanaa Kidkasetpaisal, General Manager, ZP Therapeutics, Zuellig Pharma Thailand, said, "With the prolonged disease and healthcare burden of COVID-19 in Thailand, access to COVID-19 vaccines that are safe and efficacious become increasingly crucial. As the official partner of Moderna in Thailand, ZP Therapeutics draws upon our unparalleled capabilities, expertise, and experience to support the Thai government and private healthcare institutions in advancing national efforts for COVID-19 vaccination programmes, in particular, being future-ready to provide protection against new variants of concern with supportive clinical data and when approved by the authorities."

Ms. Pucknalin Bulakul, Chief Executive of Zuellig Pharma Thailand, said, "Zuellig Pharma Thailand’s global standard warehouses and cold chain capacity of more than 40,000 sqm are equipped to store and distribute large quantities of COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna. With over 70 years of experience in Thailand, we distribute more than 80% of the Nation’s vaccines today. Guided by Zuellig Pharma’s mission of making healthcare more accessible, we will continue to do our best in this multi-stakeholder partnership to implement end-to-end COVID-19 vaccination programmes in support of Thailand’s post-pandemic recovery."

Dr. Chalerm Harnphanich, Chairman, The Private Hospital Association, said, "To accelerate the country’s vaccination program and drive herd immunity amidst emerging new COVID-19 variants, the Private Hospital Association is committed to providing the Thai public with accessibility to various COVID-19 vaccines. We have been working closely with private hospitals nationwide to allow members of the public to register their interests for COVID-19 vaccines. Private hospitals have already started their preparation for vaccination administration to ensure compliance with government and Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) requirements."

About the Government Pharmaceutical Organization
The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) is a state enterprise that operates under the Ministry of Public Health. Our mission involves an extensive process of research, development, manufacture, supply, procurement, and distribution of medicines, vaccines, and medical supplies to support the national healthcare system. The State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO), Ministry of Finance, classified The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) as a state enterprise under social and technological services. The organization is not a state-owned enterprise established for the state profits, but a state enterprise focusing on facilitating and enhancing the national healthcare system to provide all patients with fair and even access to medical needs.

About the Private Hospital Association
The Private Hospital Association was established in 1979 with the essential role in helping and coordinating between private hospitals nationwide. Our members comprise of over 330 small and large private health institutions across Thailand. We earned prestige and recognition from hospitals, public sectors, corporates, as well as members of the public. Our commitment is to provide helpful support for public healthcare through goodwill cooperation with private hospitals and related government agencies.